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Due to the interruptions of COVID-19, opening dates for grant applications have changed and are now available.

Kaumatua Grants

Kaumatua Grant applications are now open and will close 31 October 2022. All applications will be reviewed.

Please know that payments for this Grant will not be made until December. 

Kaumatua Grant Application forms are available here.


Tertiary Grants

The Tertiary Education Grant is designed to support and promote academic success for Shareholders and their descendants of Maori Investments Limited. 

Tertiary Grant Application have now CLOSED

Please read:

  1. Applicants must provide confirmation of their enrolment, fees and course information.
  2. First year students who reside in the Halls of Residency are eligible to apply for this particular purpose only.
  3. Students may only submit one (1) application in a full calendar year.
  4. If an applicant withdraws from their course or subjects prior to or after receiving the grant, they must notify us as soon as possible. If this does not occur, an applicant may not be eligible for further grants.
  5. Successful applications received by Wednesday 25 May, will be notified of payment date.
  6. The Board of Maori Investments Limited has the sole discretion to accept or decline any application.