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Missing Shareholder and Succession Information

What is a Missing Shareholder 

A "missing shareholder" is either a shareholder for whom we have lost contact with (no address held) or a shareholder who is deceased view missing shareholders list

What do I do if I have seen my name on the "missing shareholders" list

You will need to complete and return to our office along with the documentation request a "Declaration of Identity" form click here.

Either print a Declaration of Identity form or contact our office and we will post the form to you.

What do I do if our Whanau Trust is on the "missing shareholders" list

You will need to complete and return to our office a "MIL Whanau Trust Registration" form click here.

The MIL Whanau Trust Registration form must be signed by all the Trustees and returned to our office along with a copy of the Trust Deed or Order.

Either print a MIL Whanau Trust Registration form or contact our office and we will post the form to you.

How to do a Succession

To begin succession a copy of the following documents will be required:

To further help understand MIL's Succession Process the following material is available to view:


Minimum Shareholding

In accordance with MIL's Constitution the minimum number of shares that a shareholder may hold in the Company is ten (10) shares.  When a shareholder holds less than the Minimum Holding of shares then they may not transfer any number of their shares less than the full number held.  This is to avoid shareholdings becoming uneconomic.  Only current shareholders can receive less than ten (10).  These are the following options availabe:

  1. One beneficiary (pending how many shares the current shareholder holds) can receive the shares, or
  2. The formation of a Whanau Trust for the benefit of all descendants, or
  3. The sale of the shares - Buyers List available from our office

With any of the options above we will require consent from all the entitled beneficiaries (descendants).  Consent forms can be obtained from our office.



  • Updating Shareholder Details
  • Missing Shareholders

Change of Address or Bank Account

1. Change of Address - complete and return to the office

2. Change of Bank Details - complete and return to the office.



Schedule of Missing Shareholders

This Schedule of Missing Shareholders details whose shares were repurchased and cancelled by Maori Investments Limited on 30 June 2012.

The Board may reissue the cancelled shares and reinstate the unclaimed dividends to any Missing Shareholder or his or her successors. 

The Board must first be satisfied that:

    • The proposed shareholder is a Missing Shareholder or a Whanaunga of a Missing Shareholder; and
    • The proposed shareholder would have been entitled to be registered as the holder of all or a portion of the shares of the Missing Shareholder if those shares had not been cancelled; and
    • The proportion of shares to be issued to any successor of a Missing Shareholder is the correct proportion having regard to the Will of the Missing Shareholder and any other person through whom the proposed shareholder claims to be entitled or, if any of those people died intestate, the law of succession applying to their estates.

Click here to view schedule of missing Shareholders (may take a few seconds to load)